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Cheerleader Sports Association of Nigeria- CSAN is a non-profit organization established in 2011 for the purpose of building and encouraging the growth of cheerleading in Nigeria while fostering meaningful collaborations with cheerleading associations across the world. She is the only officially certified Cheerleading Governing body in Nigeria by the International Cheer Union. Her history dates back to 2007 when it set off as Chestar Discoveries and still has her as the first cheerleading company in Nigeria.

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CHEERBeing a cheerleader means not only do you help motivate people to take pride in their team
but to lead and demonstrate to the fans in the stands how to show off that spirit. Cheerleaders
are the backbone to the support system that can help motivate any sport team to do their best.

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ALL STAR SQUAD   Squad Training is available to Schools (school squads), individuals who decide to form a squad not belonging to any school or clubs (all-star squads) and corporate bodies (organizational squads). A regular squad consists of a maximum of 25 cheerleaders. Additional members may be admitted and allowed to fill regular squad positions as they attain performing proficiency or if vacancies occur.

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FLEXIBILITY                It doesn't take long to figure out flexibility plays a major role in Cheerleading. Just watch any Cheerleader perform a jump, do a high kick or slide down into the splits and the fact that flexibility is important to the sport becomes very obvious. So any time spent on flexibility will definitely improve your Cheerleading. Focus on your flexibility.

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"When God changes the light of your life from red to green, you can accomplish things that you tried to do at other times but could not perform. What an exciting time it is to suddenly find your engine kicking into gear and your turbines turning in harmonious production. This is an exciting time for the prepared believer. I believe with all my heart that soon people God had waiting for their turn will burst to the forefront and pull into the fast lane. Trained by patience and humbled by personal challenges, they will usher in a new season in the cycle of the kingdom."
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