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CHEERBeing a cheerleader means not only do you help motivate people to take pride in their team
but to lead and demonstrate to the fans in the stands how to show off that spirit. Cheerleaders
are the backbone to the support system that can help motivate any sport team to do their best.

Many people can be called cheerleaders. It's not just the girls/guys in the short skirts, pom-
poms, glittery face paint, sweatpants (guys).Cheerleading is not only about dancing, vibrant
clothes, cheering and flamboyance! It's the mom at her son/daughter's soccer game cheering
them on. It's the citizens of a nation supporting their country.
It's the friend that encourages a friend to do well at a job interview.It's the family that
sits in the church pews and cheer on their son/daughter when they get married.

It's a display of discipline, practice, dedication, leadership,
confidence, determination, acrobatic skills and athleticism and above team spirit.
Being a cheerleader is not limited to gender, race, age, sexual preference, job title, hair color.
Any and everyone can be a cheerleader. The girls (and some guys) that step out on the football
fields and basketball courts to support their teams simply represent what it means to be a
cheerleader. Cheerleading is life, you must give it your all, and always strive to be on top.
to boost schools spirit
promote good sportsmanship
develop positive crowd involvement
provide encouraging, enthusiastic team support
"Cheer as hard as you can, be the best you can at what you do because remember if you don't
think you're good there's always a little child or a youth looking up to you thinking he/she wants

to be like you." - Author Michelle, Bulls Gap, TN, USA.


"You can't be anointed to receive and not be anointed to give because there is an unceasing flow of blessing that comes with this anointing. it has to be on the move, If the movement stops, the blessing stops. When you have no outlet for what God pours into your life, you become too full of yourself and nothing grows. Flow freely so God can give you more."