OUR MISSION: We remain poised with the passion to help develop strength, fitness, enthusiasm and impact leadership skills as great cheerleaders make even greater leaders full of confidence and focus. Above all, to also cultivate team spirit a much needed panacea in the content of our nation for TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!!!

OUR VISION is to Develop the Creative, Intellectual, Moral and Physical fitness of the child and youth.

THE GOALS OF CheerNigeria

  • To teach "state of the art " cheerleading techniques, material and methods while maintaining moral standards...being "contemporary without compromise"
  • To promote and require academic excellence among cheerleaders ae well as all other athletes
  • To develop, advise and educate cheerleaders and cheerleading coaches on safety guidelines and techniques
  • To conform, unite and excite school cheerleaders and their coaches by newsletters, meetings, competitions, camps
  • To recognize and reward outstanding achievers both individually and as squads in the area of cheerleading via competitions, scholarships,publishing etc.
  • To encourage by fellowship and communication as well as provide information and training to coaches desiring knowledge and expertise in all aspects of cheerleading
  • To introduce cheerleading in all the schools, both primary and secondary as part of the school sporting activity
  • To feature cheerleading at half-time of various games like football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, baseball etc
  • To include cheerleading as part of competitive sports in national sports festivals and nigerian university games (NUGA).
  • To recruit and train coaches especially youths with or without the skill but with interest
  • To encourage and promote creativity and enthusiasm with a "be the best that you can be" attitude

most importantly to put smiles on the faces of the community through community development and outreaches.


"When God changes the light of your life from red to green, you can accomplish things that you tried to do at other times but could not perform. What an exciting time it is to suddenly find your engine kicking into gear and your turbines turning in harmonious production. This is an exciting time for the prepared believer. I believe with all my heart that soon people God had waiting for their turn will burst to the forefront and pull into the fast lane. Trained by patience and humbled by personal challenges, they will usher in a new season in the cycle of the kingdom."