As in any sport, diet and nutrition are important to Cheerleaders. A proper diet can help build strong muscles, keep your mind alert, give you energy and enhance your performance. Simply said, "Food fuels your body and mind".
There is so much focus on the appearance of Cheerleaders, they sometimes become victims of fad diets, fast weight loss and improper nutrition. Don't give in and fall into these ruts. Cheerleading is a high energy sport that takes fast thinking, good coordination and strong muscles. It is far better to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids and exercise, to keep your body in peak condition for optimal performance. You are what you eat; eat healthy and be healthy.

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Improve Your Cheerleading Motions
What makes a good Cheerleader into a great Cheerleader? Why do some people make it at tryouts and others don't? When you're watching that awesome squad on TV, what makes them stand out and look like a picture of perfection? Well, mostly these questions can be answered with "they know the basics." Sure, a terrific jump or stunt might wow a crowd, but when you're careless or lazy in your fundamental Cheerleading skills like motions, you're sure to lose points on any judging sheet.
Motions are one of the basic foundations of Cheerleading and a essential skill all Cheerleaders should master and more importantly keep mastered. So, whether you're a beginning Cheerleader just learning or an experienced one whose picked up some sloppy habits, get back to the basics, follow these tips and put the magic in your motions.

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"When God changes the light of your life from red to green, you can accomplish things that you tried to do at other times but could not perform. What an exciting time it is to suddenly find your engine kicking into gear and your turbines turning in harmonious production. This is an exciting time for the prepared believer. I believe with all my heart that soon people God had waiting for their turn will burst to the forefront and pull into the fast lane. Trained by patience and humbled by personal challenges, they will usher in a new season in the cycle of the kingdom."