The Summer Cheer Camp - SCC is a training ground open to squads and individuals. The camp holds every August at different geopolitical zones in Nigeria. New stunts and skills are taught, rehearsed and perfected. Individuals who do not belong to any squad could be grouped into squads for the purpose of implementing the skills taught in camp. Details of the camp are announced in the first week of February and applications for participation are received until 31st July. The August Competition is held at the end of this camp.


"Divine guidance is an invaluable resource. Without it, you are like a sailor at sea unable to find his way because he has no compass on his ship. Without guidance, the sailor could spend the rest of his life moving without making any progress. I urge all of you to train yourselves to listen to your inner knowledge that instinctive certainty that tells you "Yes, that's it" or “no, that’s not...”."