CheerNigeria has a wide selection of cheerleaders who perform everything from high energy chants to extremely skilled acrobatics. All of our performers are committed to impress and   please our client and provide an excellent show or performance. The performers are extremely   talented and have performed countless times to audiences across the country and the world. We have performers all over Nigeria and they all can adapt to fit your specific event. They are dedicated to make your day. You will be wowed by their exquisite, breath-taking, captivating moves. Your guests will be amazed and thrilled by what they see and will be talking about the performance long after the event is over. If you want an exciting, different and inspiring act then our cheer/ dance girls will provide you with just that. Perfect for corporate events, parties, weddings, carnivals, sports festivals, road shows, TV shows and adverts, balls and promotional events. For more inquires and booking, use our Contact us page.


"When Jesus taught on prayers, He was teaching us how to steer the ship of life through the boisterous winds of adversity. If we can follow the “manner” of prayer then we can follow the course of life in order to pray effectively, we must know the personage of God. He is more than just our Creator. He is our father. So I must know that I am related to God and not just created by Him."